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  1. What level of fitness do I need to do a kayak tour?

    As long as you have no severe shoulder or back problems you should have no problem joining in on a tour. The pace is set by the participants and tours travel through calm, flat waterways.

  2. What is the appropriate age for children to do a kayak tour?

    As long as they are accompanied by an adult, children of all ages are eligible to take a kayak tour. Children 10 and under need to ride a double.

  3. Is it safe to rent a kayak if you are inexperienced?

    Yes! Cape Kayaks is located at the mouth of the salt marsh. There are hours of flat water kayaking with no boat interference available to you. You do not enter the ocean, rough water or cross the harbor at anytime.

  4. Are life jackets (PFD’s) provided?

    Yes! Everything needed to kayak is provided. We have coast guard approved PFD’s, DryBags for non-water proof items and comfy seats for sit-on-top kayaks.

  5. Do I have to rent a sit-on-top kayak?

    No. In addition to a large quantity of “Ocean Kayak” sit-on-tops, we also offer sit-in Old Town Kayaks. Please ask in advance to reserve these kayaks.

  6. Can I rent a kayak for the day and take it to the beach?

    Yes! You may take the kayak off premise. We do not provide ties or strap downs, nor do we deliver. Off premise rentals require a minimum of a daily rental.


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